artist,architect and scientist


His installations, paintings and drawings attempt to elicit feelings by using a new kind of imagery, consisting of formal patterns that stimulate a mindset of questioning reality. The evolution of man and nature is critically considered by integrating three regularly recurring main patterns: ‘world view’, ‘evolution’ and ‘digitalisation’.

By sometimes renouncing the image logic of reality, a tension is developed that engenders a critical poetry of images. 

  • 1971: Secondary Art School - College of Science and Arts / Ghent
  • 1976: Architect – H.S.WenK Ghent
  • 1991: Master of Architectural Science, KUL (Catholic University of Leuven)
  • 2006: Doctor of Applied Science/Architectural Science TU/e
    • Doctorate ‘Towards a new timber frame construction method’ - ‘From world view to building method; contributing to green building’.
    • 1.    Develops a new world view based on the way in which everything is interconnected; the micro world with the macro world
      2.    Develops a new way of building that can be used with all woody materials and with steel.
  • 2014: Publishes the article ‘A Phenomenological Relation for Decay Times’ in the ‘International Journal of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics’.
    He makes a mathematical connection between the lever in building mechanics and the turning lever or angular momentum in quantum mechanics along the decay times of elementary particles. The new world view that he creates in this way shows the extreme complexity with which everything is interconnected. Life is not possible without imperfection and evolution, two concepts that are necessary for a world characterised by diversity.
    Evolution, however, also means cultural development, and this includes the inevitable digitalisation of the world, which makes genetic engineering and the colonisation of space possible. Culture will always bring with it an alteration of nature and will therefore have an impact on the environment and climate.
    He particularly addresses the question how the many diverse cultures can participate in the modernisation process while retaining their identity.
    His new way of building is an original answer to that question.

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